We have been successfully conducting export activities worldwide for five years with buyers. 

Established in 2008, JXbands is an ID solutions company, especially in security wristbands field. JXbands is absorbed in woven and sublimation printed fabric wristbands, serial number, self-locking, 2D barcode, RFID tag and Stamp anti-counterfeiting techniques. ...

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Our mission is to supply high quality products and supporting services systems to worldwide companies. Purchasing, designing and manufacturing ID solution items with JXbands is easy. Please contact us for more information or for a quotation with obligation...

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We guarantee our products to be free from manufacturer defects.

Our customer service personnel are experienced product specialists.

Jianxin Gift and Accessory is committed to delivering quality service.

especially with regards to questions about exporting products to your location.


Tool for crimpping the aluminium tule
Highest level of Security and protection against replication or copying
Against Replication: It is virtually impossible to replicate a Woven Wristband. Unlike other wristbands that are simply printed onto, woven wristbands are weaved on large highly specialised machine.
Against Re-application: Woven Wristbands are attached onto the arm using an aluminium tube which is crimped with a special tool only available , once fitted they cannot be removed



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