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    Established in 2008,JXbands is an ID solutions company, especially in security wristbands field. JXbands is absorbed in woven and sublimation printed fabric wristbands, serial number,self-locking,2D barcode, RFID tag and Stamp anti-countefeiting techniques. Our mission is to supply high quality products and supporting services systems to worldwide companies. Purchasing, designing and manufacturing ID solution items with JXbands is easy. Please contact us for more information or for a quotation with obligation.


    In the past few years, our regular product, woven wristbands, sublimation wristbands, silicone bracelets, lanyards and snap bracelets have very good sales performance. Our material suppliers and production line is stable and consistent, We also have an excellent sales and service team. We will listen to more guest feedback and new requirements. Strive to achieve the industry first.


    Now we want to doing and we are doing:

    In 2010, we began to focus on RFID products. We have many kinds of RFID wristbands nowadays. It is more and more popular. We will put more personnel and energy to improve the products, to meet the needs of customers.

    Accept MOQ in 50pcs

    Time of delivery: delivery in 3days for urgent small order

    R&D and production of RFID and LED wristbands